Maps for Galaxies described, part 1

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Maps for Galaxies described, part 1

Post by PrimeMcNee » Thu May 21, 2015 7:38 pm

This is a description in words for players with no visual access to the maps CE provides.

It describes the outlines, routes and important information about locations, that is clear to players with vision, but stays hidden for those without.

There are six Galaxies to describe:
Sphere, Furnace, Anvil, Verec-Per, The Forge and Expance
Here the Sphere and Furnace Map are described.
The other descriptions will follow as soon as possible.

Sphere Map described:

First part, The Inner Circle, also called Central Sphere

Descarte Fieron (Guilds on Jerris Outpost) Drakos Lorat Kelsey (Jumpgate to Furnace) Grantham Palham Descarte.

There are six dead Ends:

Descarte Jaster
Than it devides into 3 routes
Thrace Tomsk
Thrace Danarius Portal
Emmett Kalisto

Fieron Gainsboro
Than it devides into 2 routes
Spire Joycelyn

Kelsey Antioch Hexham

Second part, the four routes to the Outer Circle

1: Descarte Bedlam Kendra (festive Center) Sunrise Vassa Ichelon Errat (outer circle)

There are two dead ends:
Bedlam Ramora Roleth
Kendra Jarrett

2: Fieron Kilby Plarus Tanari Talsamar (outer circle)
No dead ends

3: Kelsey Franklyn Iribis Danar Phidarin (outer circle)

There is one dead end:
Iribis Talon

4: Kelsey Ethan Kell Expanse Undadarnya (outer circle)

There is one dead end:
Ethan Feris Farpoint 1 Farpoint 2

The third part, The Outer Circle

Errat Castalan Umbari Talsamar Uskosia Vesesia (jumpgate to Anvil) Qarenil Taithinarl Phidarin Sharaia ( jumpgate to The Expanse ) Undadarnya Tig Palolon ( jumpgate to The Forge ) Yaralista Sabot Errat

There are five dead ends:
Castalan Heliopoli Neonex

Thaithinarl Empereus
here it devides towards

Tig Atlantica Medifield Synchrus

Sabot Terekant Veneguth

Finally some usefull locations
Fuel Depots:
Kelsey Undadarnya Vassa Vesesia

Bedlam Danarius Ferra Ichelon Hexham Franklin Iribis Farpoint1 Farpoint2 Ethan Phidarin Sharia Undadarnya Sabot

Atlantica, Kell Expanse (1 word), Taithinarl Talsamar Yaralista

This is a start to help you get familiarized with the idea how the Sphere Galaxy routes are organized.
To picture it, imagine a bowl with apples, if that helps.

The other Galaxies like Furnace and The Expanse are bigger.
Anvil and The Forge are smaller and have no circles, only some dead ends.

On the other side of Anvil and The Forge lies Verec-Per.
It connects Anvil and The Forge and has 3 circles, but is more shaped like a banana.
Those 4 galaxies will be described later

Now comes Furnace

Furnace Map Described

From Kelsey you enter Furnace in Aurelia in the top right corner or north east.
There are two Anchor Gates.
Blake in the mid west and Dashan in the mid east.
There are some circles, that I will describe clockwise

In Aurelia you have 3 options

First option is the main route to Blake
Second option is the main route to Dashan
Third option is the most eastern part of the north to south route to Reaper.
I call this the north to south route The Fork, because it has two entries in the north and one exit in the south.
In the north the fork starts in Nagova and Aurelia and it ends in the south in Reaper.

First option from Aurelia: The main route to Blake

Aurelia Pandora Xanta Magellan Nagova Krasno Tulun Kursk Zarinsk Glaurung Jordani Noctae Selby Blake

Nagova is a junction for the most western tooth of the fork

There are 5 dead ends

Pandora Titan
Pandora Vorcha Quangen

Nagova Vorkutal

Glaurung Vergennes Arkanes

Noctae Scorpi

Second option from Aurelia: Main route to Dashan

It starts with Aurelia Ratchettes Ungoliant

From Ungoliant you can choose to go south by east or south by west

The first trail: Dashan route south by east:
Ungoliant Zelfry Dagobahn Python Triangulum Ninazu Panza Felis Thrudheim Metri Conac Dashan

Metri is a junction for the Southern route between Dashan and Blake.

There are 6 dead ends:

Zelfry Zergian

Dagobahn Endovin

Triangulum Uyoroi

Thrudheim Tauri Volantis Steel

Than it devides in 2 routes:
Steel Cornwell Sheldon
Steel Sullivan Kootli Cylan Tibalm Monov

The second trail: Dashan route south by west

Ungoliant Xindar Hyperion Nasqueron Prime Solaris Deepstar Tetra Keng Dashan

Hyperion and Prime are part of circle that lies between the Dashan and the north to south route, which runs through the middle of the map.
I call this north to south route The Fork.
From Gukovo it is connected to the fork in the second circle of three, so just above the middle of the fork.

Mid east circle:
Hyperion Prime Mesklin Purra Hellicon Risa Kashira Gatchina Gukovo (connection to the Fork) Eddeo Quartus Overtolli Terminus Hyperion.

There are 2 dead ends:

Risa Epsilon

Gatchina Aleksin Leninsk

Connection to The Fork:

Gukovo Velsk Kirzach

Third option from Aurelia:
The most eastern part of the north to south route to Reaper, also called The Fork.

In the middle are 3 circles.
The top right or east tooth starts in Aurelia and the top left or west tooth starts in Nagova.
They come together in the most norther circle, which is directly on top of the second circle. The bottom of the handle of the fork ends in Reaper.

The right tooth:

Aurelia Krull Secundus

No dead ends

The left tooth:
Nagova Grozny Noril Shomak Belgorod Okulovka Ochyor

There is 1 dead end:

Noril Liski

Now you are in the most northern or first circle in the Fork.
There are no dead ends between here and Reaper.

This is that circle:
Secundus Melenki Sarapul Nazran Ochyor Secundus

It is directly on top of the second circle in the Fork:

Ochyor Nazran Fominsk Kirzach Zhukovsky Strunino Vorkuta Tosno Ochyor

From Zhukovski the handle of the fork goes south towards Reaper:

Zhukovski Tavda Sovetsk Millerovo Pevek Reaper

Tavda and Sovetsk are part of the most southern or the third circle in the fork.
This circle is formed by:
Tavda Sovetsk Perecoz Shakhunya Tavda

In Reaper you are in the middle of the shortest route between Blake and Dashan.

I call this the Southern Route:

Blake Orrat Salasar Korey Cubin Dunal Cole Reaper Mobu Likuruo Dagon Burislav Luthien Apep Xorrak Voltanis Feron Metri Conac Dashan

There are 7 dead ends:

Orrat Salvem

Salasar Hayden

Cubin Beagle

Dunal Arnos

Dagon Vasi

Burislav Ashima Byoti

Voltanis Glinos

Finally there's the western part of Furnace that starts in Blake and has one circle in the south west corner and a dead end towards the north west.

There's only 1 route to this circle:

Blake Lexington Cuvienen Xindosh Zercry.

Dead end:

Lexington Wausau Drid Gulvieg Galli Vesper

Western Circle:

Zercry Talos Valkyrie Terran Yetti Riangulum Derren Andromeda Antennae Centaurus Amun Zercry

Dead ends:

Centaurus Mork

Amun Seyfert

This is the end of your journey through Furnace.
Basically there are many ways to travel across Furnace.

The last usefull description for this map are some usefull locations.

Fuel Depots:
Blake Cubin Nagova Nazran Noril Belgorod Apep Voltanis Tetra.

Hyperion Mesklin Purra Hellicon Risa Epsilon Gatchina Gukovo Eddeo Quartus Overtolli Terminus Kirzhach Zhukovski Tavda Perecoz Shakhunya Sovetsk Millerovo Lexington Cuvienen Xindosh Zercry Talos Valkyrie Terran Yetti Riangulum Derren Andromeda Antennae Centaurus Amun Mork Seyfert

Cole Dunal Cubin Velsk Leninsk Pevek Likuruo Dashan Steel Tauri

Have a safe flight and enjoy your journey!

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Re: Maps for Galaxies described.

Post by falconner » Sun May 24, 2015 6:49 am

Thank you prime!
This will come in handy when planning those hauling roots or passengers. thanks a bunch!

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Re: Maps for Galaxies described.

Post by Holiday » Fri May 29, 2015 5:58 pm

wow, this could be a very big help to new VI players coming in as the complexity of the map is a difficult thing to grasp without lots of time playing and lots of fuel spent. big thumbs up prime.
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Pure ClassRe: Maps for Galaxies described.

Post by Sparky » Fri May 29, 2015 11:33 pm

Prime, what can I say....?
you are simply a god :)
Prime for Prime Minister!
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Re: Maps for Galaxies described.

Post by XPLODE » Sat May 30, 2015 3:46 am

Do you guys have any cool haptic equipment to figure out direction in a virtual environment?

You can't imagine how much easier digital interaction would be.

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Haptic stuff

Post by Sparky » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:00 pm

Lost me there pal but it sounds very, very cool, what ever it is.
Can you drop me some off at All Welcome in VP please.?
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