Complex Crafting

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Complex Crafting

Post by Sparky » Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:43 am


This is Sparky with a rather large headache LOL

Ok, trying to do a much more complex build than I have ever tried before and it is very confusing with all the different schematics and their sub levels etc.
I am however, determined not to give up LOL

So I was thinking please god of the stars LOL, there must be a way of making it less confusing without too much re-coding because that would do Coops head in too!

The problem is that there is no fast way of knowing which schematic is the lowest one. The one that doesn't need any other schematics to make it.
There are modules that don't need any other modules to make them etc.
The ones that just need resources.

So I was wondering if a numbering system could be used please, to make it all less daunting.

For example I am trying to make the fabricators for my level six set.
So the module for the small drill unit is one of the lowest ones, in the list of 22!

So if this was labelled (0) after it's title, I or any other VI players, who get crafting headaches too could go straight to those when building.
There are many others that are (0)s too but knowing which ones they are would make it so much less daunting.
Then they could go up to 1,2, 3 etc until the last one, which would nnot need a number because it is obvious it is the last one.

Seems like a basic request but I assure you that when you are going through so many schematics and so many different resources, I soon find myself going around in circles and getting confused.

you need to be able to collect,craft, collect craft until you have woked you way up through the levels of schematics until you can leave the modules and slect the tasty final build of the highest level schematic!
Knowing the levels in the right order would make is so much more efficient.

I hope that I have explained this well enough for it to be understood and I would really appreciate a new numbering system please.

Thanks very muchfor your time.


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Re: Complex Crafting

Post by Arnica » Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:56 pm

When using my touchscreen I often wish that there was a "goto" button next to the modules when listed in the right hand side of the craft window. This would not be as complete as your ranked list of modules, but would cut out a few steps when transversing the crafting system. I often open the site and use its crafting diagrams for the purpose you want. But having something in game would be sweet.

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Re: Complex Crafting

Post by pikolinianita » Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:16 pm is another site, with newer items added (not all), but with some stability issues :(

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Re: Complex Crafting

Post by Sparky » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:18 pm

I Have been thinking about this a lot and flicking from site to site would make it an even slower process.
Now, let's be quite clear, I am not being negative about crafting, it is one of the most coolest aspects to CE. Just want it to be less daunting.
So how about if we just have a (0) in the heading of the base schematics?
So we know where to go straight to when building.


"Base module name" (0)

Thanks to all who have suggested sites to go to, your assistance is appreciated. :)

CE forever!
If at first you don't find a mission ore, try and try again :)

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