If You want the 20,000 Cr READ HERE!

New to Core-Exiles - Say hello and claim your reward! New players read the announcement within this section on how to claim your 20,000 Credits!
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If You want the 20,000 Cr READ HERE!

Post by Coops » Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:54 am

Sign up - Say Hello!

This area of the forums is for newcomers to Core-Exiles.

Simply create a NEW post in this area, say hi and make sure to tell us where you are from and your Captains Name. As a reward for taking part in our community (all be it only a single post) you can then claim (off COOPS in game) a 20K reward.

That's right new to Core-Exiles, say hello and then claim 20K of in game funds.

Once you have posted: Log in to the game and claim your 20K prize by sending an in game Mail Message to 'Coops' (that's me folks) stating you have posted your 'hello post on the forums'.

Not New to CE?

Say hi back to our newest players. Hey they may have come for the credits but you might just make a friend or an ally or pick up a new Guild Member!

Please no spamming, off topic or guild advertisement in this area, it's simply to say hello.


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