Just want to say hi, and a question.

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Just want to say hi, and a question.

Post by Phathius » Mon May 22, 2017 9:44 pm

What's up y'all this Captain James Phathius. From the United state, I'm new to this game. so I might have a question or 2. :d. can someone help me complete the trading mission for hawks on starbase 51? I do what he ask of me, and I even get pay, but I'm still stuck with that mission, and I can't accept a new one, any help I'll be grateful. thanks

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Re: Just want to say hi, and a question.

Post by MarcSp » Tue May 23, 2017 2:32 am

Hello Captain Pathius, welcome to Core Exiles.

If you need quick answers, pop into the chat, there's always someone around who can answer questions.

What do you mean by, "get pay"? Did you get the "MIssion Completed, Rewards" page showing your rewards?
Its been a long time since I've done his missions, but in general, you finish the mission and return back to the NPC
and talk to them, that gives you the reward and clears the mission. Usually. Sometimes you can go into the top right
menus, look under NPC missions, and there is a "Complete Mission" button there. If the NPC missions page is still
showing the mission, you probably missed something. Read the description carefully, there are often specific locations
or specific classes/types of ship kills needed, and you may not have actually finished the mission.

If you actually did complete the mission and got the Rewards page, but the mission did not clear, you should get
into chat and notify one of the moderators. First thing to check: you are playing on a PC browser, right? Cause
some people play CE on tablets and even smartphones, which is not guarenteed to work properly.

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Re: Just want to say hi, and a question.

Post by Coops » Tue May 23, 2017 11:49 am

Hi there, the mission you are on has this for its completion phase :
Mission Details
Mine 50 Units of Ore then when docked, use the Trade Option in your Ships Cargo Store and send the Ore to 'Commercial Trader' not forgetting to make a charge of 500 Credits, then return to Jonas at Starbase-51 in the Feris system.
There is also a guide on how to trade to player and also a guide on how to use the Galactic Buyers Market, should you decided to obtain the ore from someone else. These guides are linked inside the mission brief itself.

You can assess the mission brief at any time from the Top Right pull out tab titled View Tasks.

In essence all you have to do is trade 50 units of or to Commercial Trader for the exact fee of 500 credits. Once that's done go back to Jonas and talk to him again and he will complete your mission and you can take his next one.

If you have done all this and Jonas still thinks you have not let me know via in game PM or log a bug via Bugtrack, or finally grab me in chat and we can see if we cant figure out what the issue may be.

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