I'm just a miner and hauler

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I'm just a miner and hauler

Post by Elkhorn » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:41 am

Yeah right! I'm a credit whore, I'll do just about anything for a nice fat credit stick! That's why I'm in the predicament I'm in now. See there is this guy they call COOPS, yeah all caps like that. Not sure if it's worship, awe, fear or anger. Anyway, he has CREDITS! Every once in awhile he has these galaxy wide contests, he calls them COOPS Challenge. He sets some goals, and offers some sweet rewards for each stage that is completed. Sweet thing is everyone is a winner, but it costs you fuel. I think that is the genius behind COOPS madness. I think he has a lock on fuel and that's how he can afford to give so much stuff away.
Anyway, where am I at you ask? Well you have to understand I haven't done any combat in about two years, just spent my time punching holes in asteroids and hauling cargo to generate a little income for my 2nd settlement. Heck, I forgot what my combat configuration looked like and all the darn AI would do is cackle and tell me I couldn't hit anything anyway. Anyway, I picked up a combat bounty for some Oldish-vis in Verec-Per. I got holed a few times before I got the threat detectors adjusted correctly, lost some cargo and some fuel as well.
Now I'm trying to find those target ships and let me tell you something; Ships are small and space is BIG! Trying to find them is like trying to get ahold of Alien Tech. In the meantime I am picking up quite a few local bounties on some other ships and earning a few Verican Honour Bureau points and some extra credits by finding those that are designated "Hunted". Course I'm burning through fuel and shield EBK's like a Eden Alligator through fresh meat. On the flip side there's a fuel depot parked right here and I have some reserve to draw on. Figure I'm headed back to the Sphere pretty soon so I can craft some more. That's okay, the crazy fool even offers a prize for that. In the mean time, the loot is good, the credits are okay and I'm building some nice bank in the challenge.

Rule of Acquisition #1 Once you have their money...never give it back!

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